Apollo Construction 2

Filling in the details

The cabinets will come in two portions and each of them weight over 100Kg. In order to connect the 2 portions electronically, we can use the Rockport technique with lots of connectors at the back, but subsequently, we found a more elegant technique and we connect them internally both electronically and mechanically.

All connectors used inside the high quality speaker binding terminals. The male and female outer guide will bring the 2 portions together without damaging the connectors.

Since we are going to use the Scanspeak beryllium tweeter, we want to create a horn to make it more directional. This is done with CNC.

Given the weight of the speaker, the bass is also reinforced with 20mm thick aluminium plates.

This is how the back would look like after connection

The plate for the Apollo binding post will also be made out of aluminium

Partially finished products