Apollo Construction 1

From Virtual Reality to Reality

It is taking shape!

I am so glad that I have further updates to this project. After all the pains and trouble, Shin has now ridden over all the hurdles and the CNC machine is up and running!

For those who are interested, this was the first cut!

In stead of using MDF as originally planned, Shin has decided to use a material called Valchromat. Compared to MDF, this is higher density – about 30% more denser than MDF. Has a more consistent density through out the thickness as well. You can find more information here.

We are going to use 25mm thick material which is thinner than what I currently use, but with heavy bracing, lead and butamen backing, I am sure it will just be vibration free.

This picture gives you a better understanding of how the interlocking arrangement works.