Acourate Convolver

As my system is getting more and more complicated, the ASIO drivers can no longer be supported by Linux. So I. decided to use Uli's solution. Acourate Convolver is a program specifically tailored for real time convoltion. With project Lasso, I can run almost real time processing under windows. There are also a few more features including Acourate clean and Acourate flow which I do not use. 

With Merging Revanna, the initial driver was Revanna ASIO and that works very well. However, since the upgrade of my HAPI to HAPI MK2, there is a lot of jitter in my system and on my track to sorting out all the problems, I found a new driver form Merging, the MAD. This is a new driver that replaces the old Revanna ASIO. The new driver is more versatile and support AES67 fully. Since my whole system now runs with AES67, moving to MAD is a natural choice. 

I want to allow AcourateConvolver to start automatically, so I have created a batch file for this process. Please note that MAD driver takes awhile to load and if you want the driver to load up in AcourateConvolver automatically, you have to make sure that the MAD is fully loaded before you start AC. So in the batch (LoadAC.bat) file, I have to add a delay.

@Echo off

Timeout /t 10

start "" "C:\Program Files\Merging Technologies\Merging Audio Device\MADPanel.exe"

Timeout /t 30

start "" "C:\Program Files\AudioVero\AcourateConvolver\AcourateConvolver.exe" /autorun "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\AcourateConvolver\Merging Audio Device\1.cfg"

One has to make sure that 

start "" "C:\Program Files\AudioVero\AcourateConvolver\AcourateConvolver.exe" /autorun "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\AcourateConvolver\Merging Audio Device\1.cfg"

is a continuous sentance. 

This is how you put the .bat file to run at start