AES67 Switch

The switch is the center hub for my Ravenna network. It directs and distribute all my audio and clock signals through the Ravenna network. In my case, I use a dedicated switch for Ravenna. But one can also use a managed switch with different VLAN for both internet services and Ravenna. Here I will document my setup for my system. One thing to note is that since the upgrade to HAPI MK2, my old Cisco switch setting does not work anymore with a lot of jitters and drop outs. That's probably because when I first started Revanna, AES67 is not ready yet. Took me awhile to find the proper new setting for AES67. Attached is the setup that works for now.

Here are so information PTP Priority setting

The following section shows the screen capture of my actual Cisco Switch SG350. But before the actual setup, I need to connect to my switch first. Since my switch now have the IP address of, I need to configure my TCP port on my Macbook accordingly.