Atomic Clock

To be accurate

The use of atomic clock is highly controversial even among the sound engineers. Some say that as long as the DAC has a good clock, it doesn’t really matter as jitter is only a problem at D/A conversion.

Well, theory is theory, but when you have a chance to listern to a good master clock at work and pick 100% in a blinded A/B test, you will spend the money. For me, since I am running a few digital component at the same time, I have one more reason – to get synchronized.

Moving on to use AOIP, the clocking device will also have to be changed. instead of word clock, I moved to use PTPv2 network clock. There is one company that makes a clock for the Ravenna network. But I suspect any PTPv2 clock should work.

This Sonifex clock is connected to the switch and the clocking signal is distributed to the whole Ravenna network. So only one Cat 7 cable connection is enough. Gone with the days when I needs so many Coax cable and worried about signal reflections etc.