Analog Source

Yes. Turntable that is. For those friends who knows me, I am a great fan of digital source. Ever since the error of Sueezebox and then Transporter, I have been at the forefront of computer as source devices. It is not that I do not like Vinyl, just that when my whole digital crossover / Bacch system is heavily digitalised with DSP, is there a point of going Vinyl?

Now, I can tell you I was wrong. In my system, the analog signal still goes through AD conversion and then my digital chain. But it is as analog as it can get. The magic of LP playback is still there.

My analog journey started with SME Model 12A is an almost all in one system missing just the phone and cartridge. It performs very well at its price. Depending on the source, I can even bit my digital system. I even built a dedicated stand for it!

Compared to my digital source, this setup quickly gone out of flavour and cannot satisfy my quest of high quality Vinyl playback. It so happened that my friend is upgrading his Air Force 1 Premium to Air Force Zero. So I jumped in that took this opportunity to get the AF1P

The arm is also upgraded to Graham Elite 10 inches.

Cartridge is now Etsuro Gold

Having more bad influence from my friend. This is the system I am now ended up with.